The Assembly is set to take up one of the GOP campus speech bills when it’s in session this afternoon.

It’s also scheduled to vote on AB 153, which would limit which losing candidates can request a recount in Wisconsin. The bill would have prevented Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein from starting the recount she sought in the November election.

Also on the agenda is AB 383, which would make sweeping technical changes to the state’s school choice programs. That bill, which has gotten support from both School Choice of Wisconsin and the Department of Public Instruction, passed the Senate last week

The chamber will not, however, take up Vos’ bill that would eliminate licensing and regulation requirements for commercial and home bakers. The Rochester Republican last week had said it might be taken up, but a spokeswoman yesterday said it would instead be “introduced soon.”

Assembly GOP leaders said last week they plan on making today their last session, aside from one to approve the biennial budget, until the fall.

The gavel is scheduled to drop at 1 p.m. today.

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