Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital Times

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca voiced concerns that Republicans would push through surprise legislation this session, a worry he said grows out of GOP-backed initiatives over the past six years that largely blindsided Dems.

The Kenosha Democrat painted a much more pessimistic picture of the state and bipartisan efforts privately with reporters following the Assembly inauguration ceremony than he had minutes before when he addressed the chamber during the celebration.

Although Barca said the issues Vos proposed during his Assembly address today, including improving roads and education, were ones that could gain bipartisan support, Barca said he was more concerned by “the issues they’re not talking about” that could be “brought forward seemingly out of nowhere.”

Citing initiatives the Republicans backed over the last six years, including right-to-work legislation, Barca said, “Hopefully it’s a new day, but history has not been very kind in the last three sessions.”

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