A bill that would make sweeping technical changes to the state’s school choice programs passed the Assembly on a 67-30 vote — without any debate.

That bill, which has gotten support from both School Choice of Wisconsin and the Department of Public Instruction, passed the Senate last week. It now heads to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk.

The bill includes a number of non-fiscal policy items originally in Gov. Scott Walker’s K-12 education budget but removed by the Joint Finance Committee. One example: a provision that would require schools in the program to conduct employee background checks.

Supporters have previously argued the bill would help reduce administrative burdens placed on schools participating in the statewide parental choice program, as well as the Racine and Milwaukee programs, and the Special Needs Scholarship Program.

The Dems who voted for the bill include Reps. Dave Considine, Jason Fields, Don Vruwink, Leon Young, JoCasta Zamarripa and Josh Zepnick.

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