A new search engine for food and alcohol delivery services has come to Wisconsin with hopes of further simplifying the online ordering process.

Bootler is a Chicago-based company that got its start in late 2016. It’s now active in over 20 major metro markets and 250 cities overall, according to CEO and Founder Michael DiBenedetto.

He describes the service “like Trevago.com for food delivery — it aggregates multiple services into one site, and shows which services work for which restaurants.” It’s free to use, and includes desktop, mobile, iOS and Android functionality.

This allows users to compare pricing, menu items and wait times between various delivery services like Delivery.com, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, EatStreet and others. They can search by restaurant or food type, and also get alcohol delivered through a partnership with alcohol delivery service Saucey; it’s limited to food delivery in Madison right now, as Saucey’s service area is limited to Chicago and parts of the east coast.

The search engine hit Madison earlier this summer, with a goal of tapping the returning student market at the end of August.

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