The Senate plans to take up a child labor permits bill today, while the Assembly’s considering a bill that would allow delivery robots to travel on sidewalks.

The Assembly’s also looking to take up a bill that passed the Senate in March that would require juvenile correctional officers to report child abuse. Representatives are also planning to take up a bill that would create a pilot program to add work requirements for able-bodied adults who get housing vouchers.

Meanwhile, a broadband grant expansion bill, which unanimously passed the Assembly last week, is up before the Senate today.

The chamber had previously added a privacy amendment that would have banned providers from collecting information on their customers’ use without their permission, but the Assembly version did not include that provision. The unamended version is what’s before the Senate today.

The Senate also plans to take up a bill that would require DOT to account for inflation in future road project cost estimates. That bill was recommended by the Legislative Audit Bureau following its January 2017 report on the state highway program.

Briana Reilly is covering the Senate today, and Polo Rocha is at the Assembly. In addition to checking Quorum Call for developments, follow them for updates via Twitter at @briana_reilly and @polorocha18.

See the Senate calendar.

See the Assembly calendar.

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