8428 West Lisbon Avenue, Milwaukee, WI.

CONTACT: Lt. Michael Ball
Milwaukee Fire Department
Community Relations Director
Phone: 414-286-5285
Cell: 414-397-8494

WHAT: Milwaukee Firefighters will go door to door checking smoke alarms and

installing new ones if necessary.

WHO: Senior Staff Chief of the Milwaukee Fire Department

WHEN: Friday, October 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: 8428 West Lisbon Avenue

DETAILS: Milwaukee Firefighters will go door to door in the neighborhood
checking for working smoke alarms and offering safety education to
residents. This is part of Project FOCUS (Firefighters Out Creating
Urban Safety) where the Milwaukee Fire Department installs free smoke
alarms for those in need.

A Milwaukee Fire Chief will address the media regarding the importance
of working smoke alarms in every citizen’s home.
If in need of a smoke alarm, please call the Smoke Alarm Hotline to have
one installed for free by the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Smoke Alarm Hotline 414-286-8980

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