The state’s cranberry production is expected to hit 5.6 million barrels this fall, making up a significant majority of the country’s production of the tart fruit.

But an issue is facing producers all over the country, as these numbers contribute to an already-existing surplus. With that in mind, the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association and others are taking steps to control inventory levels and increase demand.

“The Wisconsin cranberry industry is a major economic driver that supplies thousands of jobs and brings in a total value of nearly $1 billion each year,” said Tom Lochner, executive director of the WSCGA. “At the same time, the oversupply is a challenge for our growers. With the commodity price for cranberries well below the cost of production, many growers in Wisconsin and across the country are experiencing low returns and financial difficulties.”

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service also projected that the country will produce about 9 million barrels overall for this year’s harvest. The other top cranberry producing states are expected to be: Massachusetts, with about 2.2 million barrels; New Jersey, with 590,000 barrels; Oregon, with 480,000 barrels; and Washington, with 180,000 barrels.

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