The Dane County Board is pursuing a financing model for clean energy projects.

PACE — or property assessed clean energy — is a program that lets certain property owners obtain long-term loans for projects relating to water conservation, energy efficiency and clean energy. Examples can include solar panel installation, high-efficiency heating and more.

Supervisor Patrick Miles of McFarland recently brought a PACE resolution to a meeting of the board. It will need to be reviewed by two committees before going to the board for final approval.

“PACE is an excellent example of the role government plays in making lasting, positive change,” said Miles. “PACE, at the same time, promotes economic development and creates jobs while improving the air we breathe and conserving valuable water resources in the county.”

Miles says a committee on environment, agriculture and natural resources will review the proposal Thursday, while a committee on personnel and finance will take a look June 5. He added he would be surprised if there is any opposition.

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