WisDOT photo.

State officials announced today that more than $100 million has been freed up for transportation projects across the state.

But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said the money doesn’t “come anywhere near to solving the long-term transportation funding crisis.”

The funds include $38 million in additional projected revenues from the Department of Transportation that can be pumped into the upcoming biennial budget, along with $65 million Gov. Scott Walker today directed toward statewide projects starting in fiscal year 2017.

Beginning in June, the DOT will fund 21 additional projects, including U.S. 10/441 in northeast Wisconsin. I-94 did not make the list.

The announcement comes as Vos and Walker continue to battle over transportation funding, with Vos saying the state needs to put all options on the table to fix a shortfall, including raising the gas tax or registration fees.

DOT Secretary Dave Ross noted in a statement that the agency is “generating more revenue for transportation” without doing either of those things.

But Vos, R-Rochester, said finding a long-term funding solution is still a priority, although he commended DOT for “being frugal with taxpayer dollars.”

“Hopefully, as we look for solutions we’ll continue to focus on both aspects of solving the problem, which are finding savings like they did today and also looking at long-term revenues to keep the fund stable,” Vos said.


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