Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital Times

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s analysis of the guv’s budget is adding details on the impact of the two-year plan in advance of legislative work to revise it.

For example, yesterday’s analysis shows the budget would cut off the domestic partners of deceased public employees from purchasing health insurance through the state’s plan. But a spokesman for guv said that was not the intent and the administration is working to change the provision.

Also, the guv’s call to allow government agencies to post some documents online rather than publishing them in newspapers doesn’t say exactly how long the records would have to be posted or how easy it would be to find them.

Some of the nuggets from the LFB analysis include:

*Walker wants to save $372,800 in program revenue by selling at least one of the state’s 19 planes “while maintaining current service levels.” But the department has not determined which aircraft would be sold.

*The pot of money Walker is counting on to give state employees a raise counts on savings from a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurer fee and an end to providing health insurance for domestic partners of state employees.

*State constitutional officers and lawmakers elected in 2018 also would be in line for a 2 percent raise. Elected officials can’t accept a raise approved during their current term. Therefore, state senators elected in 2016 would not see the pay boost until winning re-election in 2020.

Read the full budget analysis document:

See the recommendations by agency:

See the summary with the introduction and overview tables:

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