A grant from the Fund for Lake Michigan will support genetic research by UW-Milwaukee scientists as part of a broad push to improve the health of the lake and associated water systems.

UWM is receiving $100,000 to analyze the genetics of three underwater animals, including the Yellow Perch and the Green Bay Mayfly. The third has yet to be determined, though it could be a fish species like Lake Whitefish, Lake Trout, Northern Pike or Muskellunge, UWM says.

The university aims to create a database for the genomes of organisms like these, which are determined by DNA analysis.

“We’re incredibly excited,” said J. Val Klump, dean at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences. “This genomic data will open up new avenues of research and greatly expand the scientific understanding of the impact of human activities, climate change, emerging contaminants and other factors on Lake Michigan’s health.”

The money going to UWM is only one slice of a bigger pie being doled out to 22 different projects around the state. These water-related efforts were originally approved in June, and collectively bring $1.6 million to an effort to improve water quality and natural habitats, promote tourism, and provide broad support to the regional economy.

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