Former state Rep. Brett Hulsey says he’s considering another bid for public office, but isn’t committing to anything.

“I’m happy in private practice,” Hulsey said in an interview.

Hulsey is now vice president of environment for SynSel, a developer, owner and operator of biorefineries. He also said he’s been rehabbing an 1849 farm house on the east side of Madison.

The Madison Dem ran for the party’s gubernatorial nomination in 2014, but lost badly to Mary Burke. In addition to running what some thought was an uphill campaign, Hulsey was involved in a string of incidents that drew negative headlines as he closed out his stint in the Assembly.

While running for guv, Hulsey threatened to show up outside the GOP state convention in Milwaukee and hand out KKK hoods to protest Republican policies. He didn’t follow through, acknowledging to reporters it was an attempt to get media attention. A legislative aide said she was concerned for her safety after Hulsey talked about bringing a gun to the Capitol, brought a box cutter to the statehouse and urged her to train for self-defense with him.

He also ran afoul of the old Government Accountability Board for using campaign funds to purchase a red convertible that he also drove for personal use.

Hulsey proudly showed off a picture of his new red convertible, a 1995 Cutlass and said his daughter is about to graduate high school while his son is getting married.

“I’m about ready to hang that ‘mission accomplished’ banner,” Hulsey said.

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