U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson told a WisPolitics.com breakfast Tuesday he’s not confident an Obamacare replacement bill will pass this year and declined to endorse the current version that is facing a difficult time in the House.

“I will not vote to support it until I have enough information that whatever we are going to pass will work,” said Johnson, R-Oshkosh, adding he disagrees with the approach of replacement when a better option would be “repairing the damage done” and appealing to Democrats to help.

“We ought to be reaching out to Democrats,” he told a WisPolitics.com breakfast in D.C.

On other topics, Johnson:

*Gave “100 percent” odds that Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court

*Called Russia “an unfriendly adversary.” Added Johnson, “The only thing (Putin’s) interested in is maintaining power.”

*Said Monday was not a good day for President Trump, because “anytime you have a day when your credibility is reduced that is not a good day.”

*Proclaimed his confidence in the intelligence committees investigating Russian ties to last year’s presidential campaign.

“These are serious members of Congress … We’ll get to the bottom of this — the sooner the better.”

See more on the breakfast in Friday’s REPORT.

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