From: Kurt Kober <[email protected]>
Date: August 16, 2017 at 9:27:49 PM CDT

Subject: Why Governor?

Good evening

I have exciting news to share with you! Earlier today I filed to create a campaign to explore running for the office of Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Yes. You heard that right. Earlier in the week, I gave you a little context on why my wife Abby and I moved home to Wisconsin. My intent today is to give you more background on why I filed to run for our state’s highest office.

A Little Background

First, let me rewind you to November 8, 2016. As we gathered with friends to watch the returns of the presidential election, our conversation focused on the recognition that our democracy isn’t healthy and if not changed its future is in doubt. I don’t say this to be short, I mean it. Wisconsin had its lowest election turnout in 20 years at a time when we have some of the most consequential issues of our day on the table; shrinking economic opportunity for many, less flexibility in our K-12 schools than ever, skyrocketing higher education costs, and unbelievable civic tension.

Abby and I aren’t complainers; we’re doers. After that conversation and spending a lot of time talking to friends, family, and acquaintances about how we might get involved it became apparent that running for elective office is required to drive change in our communities today. When asked “who has a vision for Wisconsin that meets the challenges and opportunities of these times,” our friends and family struggled to provide a name. That’s a MAJOR problem, and it results in what we experienced in November. We looked at ourselves and asked the age old questions, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Why Me?

Now, you ask, how could a kid from Sheboygan and business leader be the right person to be the Governor of Wisconsin? I’d invite you into my shoes for a minute. My story isn’t that unusual. I was raised by a tight-knit family, the kind that got together every weekend to hang out, watch the Packers, and discuss whatever challenge a family member was dealing with. My parents worked hard, benefitted from good union jobs, and sent their kids to great schools and universities. When our family struggled through tough times, the community rallied around us, and state programs ensured that I could obtain all of my formal education in Wisconsin by building great public schools & universities. I like to say that my family “launched” me. But, in truth, it wasn’t just my family. It was also the people of Sheboygan and the State of Wisconsin. I bet, if you think about your own lives and the lives of your family members, that’s true for so many of us.

It was because of this rock-solid foundation that I found myself as a person that thrives in transitional times. One example of this in my career is when I arrived at a 100-year-old company and realized it needed to change or it wouldn’t see the next hundred years. There I spearheaded the visioning efforts and teams that are responsible for getting the company on the journey towards a new future. The results of that work are paying off, as the company is growing faster now than at almost any time in its history.

Now it’s time to give back to the place that made us all possible. Giving back to me looks like bringing a new, forward-looking vision to this great state as I’ve done in other parts of my career. That vision is one that seeks to raise all Wisconsinites to prosperity by seizing upon the economic and social opportunities that exist like never before. Taking advantage of change by doing what we have historically done best… MOVING FORWARD.

What’s Next?

Filing paperwork, while not a campaign launch, is the technical next step in the journey to move our great state forward together. The more significant action today is formally asking you to join us as we continue down this path. What do you say? Will you join us on this journey? If so, here are three ways we’d love your support.

How to Join the Journey:

Forward this note to anyone you think would be interested! They could be a passionate Wisconsinite residing in the state or living elsewhere. Maybe they’re passionate about the new brand of political ideas we’re talking about. We’d love to speak with as many folks and organizations as possible over the next critical months.

Contribute! We’re building something different here. It’s not politics as usual (think too many uninspiring tv ads or crass mailers about opponents.) Instead, we’re standing up a campaign that looks and sounds just like Abby and me. A dash tech scrappy, a lot of candid communication. That said, rebuilding a model campaign won’t be cheap. We are out to prove campaigns can be different and breaking the mold takes money. Any amount you can give today will help establish this idea as a credible way to move politics forward.

Sign-up! This effort is going to take all of us. By checking out our website, you can sign-up to help in a myriad of ways.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. This campaign of new ideas will take all of us, and I know we can do it together!

Forward, Wisconsin!



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