Secretary of State Doug La Follette today bemoaned what he said is a Dem Party that lately has become “more about money and winning” and lost its way.

La Follette urged a return to the party’s core values and principles while engaging people “every week and every month, not just at election time.”

“We can never beat them with money or trying to be more like them,” La Follette said of Republicans. “But right now the Democrat Party has no clear sense of mission and no coherent message other than it’s not the party of Donald Trump.”

La Follette also urged the party to get outside of Dane County, Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s urban centers, saying people in rural areas don’t remember “who we really are.” The 2016 results underscored that, he added.

“That showed us where our work has to be,” said La Follette, who was first elected to his office in 1974. “It has to be person to person, neighbor to neighbor, letting them understand what we stand for and what we believe in.”

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