LA Mayor Eric Garcetti highlighted the importance of Wisconsin nationally to the Dem movement in a speech to party activists tonight, saying they “need to remember we cannot win without Wisconsin.”

“The days of us ignoring Wisconsin nationally, I hope, are laid to rest,” he said.

Garcetti also urged convention-goers to “forget about 2016 and focus on 2018” and ignore the “false divisions” being purported by the GOP about the Dem party, telling the crowd to instead form a united front and create an agenda that “resonates for everyone.”

“We need to be focused on an agenda for the American people,” Garcetti said, adding that the House and Assembly Dems’ ‘Wisconsin Way Forward,” a joint legislative agenda for 2017-18 that outlines a shared goal to promote the certain principles, is “a good place to start.”

And he called for connecting with everyday people, which he said is the only way for Dems to win and “lead in this country.”

He also slammed President Trump and Gov. Scott Walker, telling Dems it’s time to “stand up for what is right and what is good and true” both in Wisconsin and on a national stage.

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