Marshfield Clinic Research Institute’s new executive director, Amit Acharya, wants to shorten the time it takes for a good idea to go from the lab bench to the bedside.

Acharya was named to his new position in late July, taking on responsibility for research centers which specialize in a wide range of spheres: epidemiology, agriculture, genetics, oral health and much more. At any given time, over 450 active research trials and projects are being pursued by the institute.

He’s originally a dental surgeon who got his start in Bangladore, India, where he originally developed an interest in using information technology to achieve better outcomes and impacts for patients and their communities.

He moved to the United States about 17 years ago, earning a master’s degree in computer science, and has been in Wisconsin for the past eight years.

“I wanted to use tech as key driver for furthering the health care side of things, where research could play a big role,” he told

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