The Medical College of Wisconsin will be enrolling the inaugural class of its doctor of pharmacy program this summer now that it’s gotten the go-ahead from a national accreditation agency.

Its PharmD program was recently granted pre-candidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. The MCW School of Pharmacy will move forward with its class next month, with orientation Aug. 7 and classes starting Aug. 14. It’s expected to have 40 students.

According to ACPE, the pre-candidate designation is for new programs that have a dean, but no students enrolled yet. Getting pre-candidate certification shows the program has taken into account certain ACPE standards, and has “reasonable assurances” that it will move to the next step.

Candidate programs have students enrolled, but have yet to present any graduates. Candidate status is the second part of the pre-accreditation process, before moving onto “full” accreditation. ACPE says that in the case of newly founded pharmacy degree programs, most progress through both pre-accreditation phases.

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