Milwaukee Rotary Club ๐Ÿ—“


Milwaukee County War Memorial Center,
750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive,

Milwaukee has been labeled as one of Americaโ€™s top 50 of places to live, yet it has also been ranked the sixth most dangerous city. At a time when gun violence remains at epidemic levels nationwide, Milwaukee is pursuing innovative, community-driven approaches for violence prevention. Join Reggie Moore, director of the City of Milwaukee Health Departmentโ€™s Office of Violence Prevention, to preview the six goals that will make up a citywide action plan, Milwaukeeโ€™s โ€œBlueprint for Peace.โ€ Find out why violence is a public health issue, and what you can do to support efforts to make Milwaukee a safer and stronger city.

Rotary meetings are open to members, invited guests and media.