U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, said she’s been thinking about the directive from some that Dems need to talk the language of the “discontented,” many of whom she said voted for Donald Trump last fall.

The best idea for a message she’s heard came from the Brown County Democrats: Republicans, go to hell.

“They’ll understand that,” Moore said. “No detour. No idling. No parking. No reverse. Go straight to hell.”

Moore said some chide Dems for focusing on climate change with rising temperatures and sea levels. Instead, she told activists to talk about the benefits of a new energy economy and the jobs it creates. When talking about stem cell research, she added, focus on things like the possibility of solving juvenile diabetes.

She spoke next to a sign that read “Republicans … GO TO HELL.” Below, it read:


“Tell some of them you’re decent human beings. You just need to go straight to hell and think about what will truly make America great,” Moore said.

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