Milwaukee – Municipal Judge Scott A. Wales is hosting an event today focused on the topic of bullying with area civic leaders.

WHAT: event focused on bullying with area civic leaders
WHERE: Wisconsin Club – 900 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233
WHEN: Today, Monday March 6th, 5pm – 7:30pm

Judge Wales & area leaders available for interviews. Great optics. Bullying expert to give speech during program.

Judge Wales was born with Moebius Syndrome, a rare genetic condition, that left his face half-frozen with paralysis. It also impacted his eye movement, hearing, and disrupts the use of one’s tongue and palate when attempting to talk. Until age 12, Judge Wales could barely speak a short sentence without great difficulty. Rosalie Gellman is a ventriloquist who studied under TV star Edgar Bergen, known for his iconic puppet Charlie McCarthy. Gellman was approached by a public speech pathologist working with Judge Wales, and ventriloquism helped him unlock speech skills and find his voice. By age 13, Judge Wales was able to speak with confidence in front of his entire synagogue for his bar mitzvah, an important Jewish rite of passage. Program includes an area bullying expert. Judge Wales will be available for interviews.

More on Rosalie Gellman:

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