Scott Coenen, executive director for the newly formed Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, says the group will target Republican lawmakers with educational outreach on the benefits of renewable and alternative energy sources.

“I envision us putting on conferences here in Madison, going into legislators’ districts, as well, as this technology and these things spread a little bit more,” he said yesterday at a news conference at the Capitol. “There’s going to be an opportunity for us to show this directly to legislators, to decision makers here in the Capitol, and show them exactly how it impacts their district directly.”

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, WISCEF won’t be lobbying on any specific policy issues, Coenen says — at least not at first.

“I think our initial challenge is just to reframe this issue,” he said.

And though issue ads could be a part of the group’s strategy “in the distant future,” for now it will focus on hands-on education and advocacy, Coenen said.

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