Rep. Adam Neylon tells he plans to push off an exec on the Foxconn legislation to consider amendments, including language that would seek to have the company give preference to Wisconsin vendors and workers.

Neylon’s Jobs and the Economy Committee had originally planned to vote on the bill Tuesday. But after his committee heard nearly 10 hours of testimony yesterday, Neylon, R-Pewaukee, said in an interview that wouldn’t provide enough time to consider amendments.

Neylon added he’s not sure what the amendment language might look like to add a requirement that Wisconsin vendors and workers be given preference. Still, he said it’s one of several ideas that emerged during yesterday’s hearing that are worth pursuing.

He said there are likely to be instances where, for example, Foxconn could not find a vendor in Wisconsin for something it needs or had trouble filling some jobs. But considering the bill is a $3 billion investment in the company using Wisconsin resources, it should benefit state residents most.

“We don’t want to tie their hands too tightly,” Neylon said. “But if all things are equal, preference should given to Wisconsin.”

Neylon said he’s now shooting for a Thursday exec on the bill. He said that would provide time to explore amendments, distribute them to both caucuses and determine if there is enough support for changes.

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