When it comes to serving beer in a glass, the pour is everything — that’s why Pour Authority, a new app from Madison-based developer Craig Robertson, was created to easily measure the volume of a glass of beer.

A standard American 16-ounce pint glass, a 14.75-ounce porter glass and a 16-ounce stadium cup all have something in common: they each only hold about 12 ounces of liquid when filled most of the way up.

Robertson used a homemade video to demonstrate this incongruity at a recent meeting in Madison of 1 Million Cups, a national entrepreneurship group. By showing each container being filled with the same amount of beer — 12 ounces — he revealed that, despite what people may think, they are not getting what they pay for at many bars and sporting events.

“I know when I realized this that it was, for me, kind of a ‘Wow’ moment,” he said.

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