Joseph Smith, president and CEO of Reflexion Health, says the health care industry is currently hobbled by disjointed electronic medical record systems, creating an enormous opportunity for innovators.

Before joining Reflexion, Smith was founding chief medical and science officer at the West Health Institute, a medical research organization established in 2009 by the Gary and Mary West Foundation. He spoke yesterday as part of an opening panel for the second day of PDS Connect 2017 in Milwaukee.

“As a practitioner but also an industry participant, the flow of information is bottlenecked everywhere, and for lots of different, rational reasons by the sub-actors,” Smith said. “You would think since the patient has the disease, the worry, the wait, the bill, the scar, you would think they have access to their information, and they don’t.”

One big problem, he said, is that this information is buttressed behind paywalls or built-in structures that are meant to be proprietary.

“There’s an enormous opportunity, a tremendous imperative, for making sure that information is available,” he said. “I think we’ve got lots of work to do.”

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