Jason Young, an account manager for Samsung, draws a direct connection between digital displays in health care facilities and positive patient engagement.

“In my own experience as a patient, when I walk into a hospital — and I might be biased — but I look for technology,” he said. “When I walk in and see bulletin boards with a bunch stapled to it, I start to wonder: What does the operating room look like? How old is all this other equipment they’re going to be using on me?”

Young was one of the featured speakers for the smaller group sessions at PDS Connect 2017, where he proposed that Samsung can help hospitals upgrade their image, improve patient data management and save money by installing digital signage.

One of the key areas for improvement he identified was navigation within health care facilities, which often have complex layouts and little aid for people unfamiliar with how they’re laid out.

“It’s really like trying to navigate this maze of these buildings — especially if it’s a multi-complex building,” he said.

He argued that hospitals incur $220,000 in annual expenses on average for “wayfaring interruptions,” where a worker is pulled away from the task at hand to help someone else figure out where to go.

“I’m sure larger institutions have a bigger number than that,” he added.

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