The Senate plans to take up the REINS Act when it convenes this morning, while the Assembly has the high-capacity wells bill on its agenda.

Both chambers also are voting on HOPE agenda bills in special session.

If the Assembly signs off on the high-capacity wells bill, which cleared the Senate 19-13, it’ll head to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk. The REINS Act needs to get Assembly approval before it goes to Walker’s desk.

The Assembly also plans to take up a “clean” version of legislation that would alter the criteria for broadband expansion grants and make $18.5 million more available to target rural areas. The Senate added a privacy amendment that would have banned providers from collecting information on their customers’ use without their permission. But Assembly backers wanted to take up the bill without the change. The Assembly version without the amendment would have to clear the Senate before it could go to the guv.

The Assembly calendar also includes AB 25, which would eliminate the requirement that minors aged 16 or 17 obtain a child work permit.

Meanwhile, the Senate also plans to take up legislation that would allow personal delivery devices to operate in Wisconsin.

The Senate hits the floor at 11 a.m., while the Assembly will be in session beginning at 1 p.m.

JR Ross is covering the Senate today, and Polo Rocha and Briana Reilly are splitting the Assembly. In addition to checking Quorum Call for developments, follow them for updates via Twitter at @jrrosswrites@polorocha18 and @briana_reilly.

See the Senate calendar. 

See the Senate special session calendar. 

See the Assembly calendar. 

See the Assembly special session calendar. 

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