Both the Senate and Assembly are in session today, with the Senate planning to send the last of the special session bills looking to combat opioid abuse to the guv’s desk.

Meanwhile, the Assembly is scheduled to take up the REINS Act, which passed the Senate on a party-line vote when the chamber was on the floor last month.

In the Senate, the remaining two special session bills, which passed the Assembly in April, would grant immunity for drug possession to a person who calls 911 to report another person experiencing a drug overdose and extend Department of Health Services programs currently used to treat alcoholics to drug users, including those in voluntary treatment programs.

Senators will also take up a bill that would let people sell homemade baked goods without a license if certain requirements are met, including face-to-face sales. Senators voted to pass a similar bill last session, but faced opposition from Speaker Robin Vos, who argued it would hurt small businesses.

Also on the agenda this morning is a bipartisan bill looking to make sweeping technical changes to the state’s school choice programs, and another that would close state government offices on Veterans Day.

Back in the Assembly, representatives this afternoon are also looking to take up three bills relating to a national convention under the Article V section of the U.S. Constitution. One would put Wisconsin on the list of states calling for such a convention to add a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, The other two bills relate to what that convention would look like and who would represent Wisconsin.

JR Ross will be covering the Senate, which kicks of at 11 a.m., and Polo Rocha will be reporting from the Assembly chamber beginning at 1 p.m. Follow them: @jrrosswrites and @polorocha18.

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