The lawyers hired by GOP legislative leaders for the redistricting case before the U.S. Supreme Court today have billed taxpayers more than $256,000 for their services so far, according to records reviewed by

The total only includes activity through the end of July, the last month submitted to the Legislature for payment.

The bulk of the total is the $175,000 billed by Kirkland & Ellis, home to former solicitor general Paul Clement, who is the lead attorney in the case. That is the maximum fee allowed under the agreement GOP legislative leaders signed with the firm.

The other $81,373 has been billed by the Bell Giftos St. John firm, which does not have a hard cap on its legal fees. But the firm can change a maximum of $300 per hour for the attorneys who work on the suit and $100 per hour for any needed paralegal work.

The bulk of the $16,130 billed to taxpayers in July covered communications with legislative staffers and other counsel working on the case, along with prepping materials and working on the amicus brief that was filed.

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