Capitol Briefing: ‘The Other Half of Health: An Introduction to Social Determinants’ ๐Ÿ—“


State Capitol, Room 411-South

Free and Open to the Public
Tuesday, November 14th
11:00am to 12:15pm
State Capitol, Room 411-South
Our health is not just driven by what happens in a doctor’s office, or by our habits and behaviors, but also by the conditions in which we live, grow, work, and learn. Collectively these are referred to asย social and environmental determinants of health, and includeย education,ย income,ย employment,ย family and social support,ย community safety,ย air and water quality, andย housing and transit.
Join us for the first in a series of Capitol briefings, held in collaboration with the UW-Madisonย Institute for Research on Poverty, that will provide an introduction to how each of those factors impact health, and current information and statistics from Wisconsin. This first session will deal withย family and social support, including data on what Wisconsin families look like today. The presenters will also discuss initiatives that aim to build family and social support and improve health outcomes, and considerations for policymakers.