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May 17, 2017                                                     Brian J. Nemoir—262.751.0448

(Madison, WI)—With demand exceeding capacity, the May 23rd public policy symposium in which academic and economic experts as well as former and current respected journalists will gather to assess the impact of Tommy Thompson’s policy innovations in welfare reform, school choice and job creation has been moved from the Grand Old Army Room to the Joint Committee on Finance Hearing Room (412 East) at the State’s Capitol. 

 Next week Tuesday, beginning at 9:00 on May 23rd, the State Capitol’s Joint Committee on Finance Hearing Room (Room 412 East) will feature, [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium. The limited seating event will be both free and open to public, with advanced registration highly-recommended. Advanced registration can be found by clicking here, [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium,” or visiting, “”

“The high demand for the May 23rd [email protected]: A Public Policy Symposium demonstrates a strong interest in not only the accomplishments of Wisconsin’s longest serving governor, but also his methods for achieving such success,” said Michelle Litjens, Executive Director of the [email protected] project.  “Adding seventy-five more seats via the expanded venue both exceeds expectations and addresses growing interest.”

Also announced, the titles for the various academic and historical review publications to be release at noon on May 23rd, on the website:  The publications include:

Jobs/Economy Academic Review:

“The Wisconsin Economy 1987-2000:  Turnaround and Growth Under Gov. Tommy G. Thompson,” by Drs. David J. Ward & Bruce Siebold

Jobs/Economy Historical Perspective:

“Tommy Thompson’s Legacy of Economic Prosperity: Six Ways He Made it Happen,” by Tom Still

School Choice Academic Review:

“Wisconsin’s Role in the School Choice Movement,” by Drs. John F. Witte & Patrick J. Wolf

School Choice Historical Perspective:

“Empowering Parents: How School Choice Began in Wisconsin,” by Steve Waters
Welfare Reform Academic Review:

“The Legacy of Welfare Reform in Wisconsin,” by Dr. Jennifer Noyes

Welfare Reform Historical Perspective:

“Transforming Welfare into Work: W2 as Policy Innovation and Leadership,” Mike Flaherty

In addition, Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will provide insight into Governor Thompson’s electoral legacy.

The year-long [email protected] project was launched by alumni and colleagues of Gov. Thompson, and will feature several high-profile events throughout the year. This effort is chaired by Governor Thompson’s closest advisor, former Secretary of Administration James R. Klauser. Many other Thompson administration alumni are also donating their time and talents to the project. Generous support from foundations, individuals and corporations are helping offset the costs associated with the academic papers, journalistic histories and a documentary. The Executive Director of the [email protected] project is former State Representative Michelle Litjens.

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