Wisconsin Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel is urging the federal government to put pressure on Canada to in order to resolve a trade dispute that has left dozens of Wisconsin dairy farmers without a buyer for their milk.

Brancel discussed what is being done regarding the trade dispute on Sunday’s “UpFront with Mike Gousha.”

The farmers face loss of income and their livelihoods when a contract with a processing company to provide a specialized milk type to Canada ends on May 1.

Brancel said on the show, produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com, that Canada has put the American dairy farmers in peril.

“We need the federal government to press Canada to be more transparent in the activities they’ve been engaged in,” Brancel said.

“They changed their pricing structure, which directly targeted products that were being shipped to them from the United States,” he said.

“We need, here in the state, to make sure that we stay focused on processors, lenders, farm organizations, and those producers affected so that there is a lot communications to help people sort through, and in fact partner, on solutions for this problem,” he said.

Also on the program, Earnell Lucas, who is challenging Sheriff David Clarke, says Milwaukee County can do better in the position of sheriff.

Lucas is a former Milwaukee police captain and currently serves as chief liaison for security and investigations for Major League Baseball.

“I’m a 40-year public servant. I’ve served 25 years in the Milwaukee police department, served 15 years Major League Baseball. I’ve learned a lot of experiences over those years. I see the opportunity now to bring those experiences to back to Milwaukee County.”

“Milwaukee County can do better, Milwaukee County residents need better, and I feel I’m the person to provide that,” Lucas said.

Clarke, whose frequent appearances on Fox News and outspoken support of President Trump have earned him a national profile, hasn’t yet announced whether he’s running again in 2018.

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