U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, questioned President Donald Trump’s mental health and said he should be “removed (from office) as soon as possible.”

“I think Donald Trump has come undone,” Moore told “UpFront with Mike Gousha, produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com.

“He is exhibiting all of the signs of a breakdown. Which is fine, if you’re having a breakdown, you need the care. But we can’t afford to have him as commander-in-chief, because I believe he’s incapacitated,” she said.

She called on Republicans in Congress to join Democrats in using their constitutional tools to remove Trump from office.

“This is all about our integrity and about our democracy, this is beyond partisanship,” she said.

Also on the program, state Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, said she doesn’t think the Senate will make significant changes to the Foxconn bill that passed the Assembly last week.

“I think the Assembly really dug into it and made sure there are some good amendments,” she said. “We haven’t decided whether we are going to accept them or not, or add additional ones.

“But I know the Democrats will be offering amendments and we’ll be very interested in what they have to offer, because we really want this to be a bipartisan bill and in the Assembly it was passed in a bipartisan way, which is a good thing,” Darling said.

Gousha asked her if any Republicans would vote against the bill, citing concerns about “corporate welfare” or government picking winners and losers.

“I think some are considering it, but very few because they realize how thoughtful this process has been on the governor’s part, and Scott Neitzel and Mark Hogan, who are very respected people,” she said.

Darling predicted the Foxconn bill will pass in the Senate before the Sept. 30 deadline, and the budget would be finished before that.

“We’re very close on every part of the budget, even transportation,” she said.

Also on the program, Sarah Geers, staff attorney for Midwest Environmental Advocates, said her organization is concerned about exemptions to state environmental regulations being granted to Foxconn.

Geers said those include exemptions from state wetland and waterway permitting laws, and an exemption from having to do a full environmental impact analysis.

Gousha asked about the Walker administration’s statement that they are just streamlining the process for Foxconn.

“It’s sort of a false distraction to point to all the environmental programs that aren’t touched by the Foxconn legislation, instead of addressing directly the environmental exemptions that are in the legislation,” she said.

Geers also said there could be implications for the Great Lakes Compact, depending on where the Foxconn plant is built, and whether large amounts of water are pulled from Lake Michigan and not returned.

Geers said environmental groups will have a better idea about “litigation options” once they know where the Foxconn factory will be developed.

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