A partnership between UW-Stout and a Russian university is bringing an international perspective to collaborative design.

UW-Stout Associate Professor Jennifer Astwood teaches industrial design in the university’s art and design school. She’s played a role in an ongoing partnership between UW-Stout and the National University of Science and Technology, MISiS, in Moscow.

Yaroslava Barmenkova and Azamat Tavitov, two scholars from MISiS, visited UW-Stout for a two-week period this summer in which they collaborated with Astwood on wear-able sensory devices, which make pedestrians more visible to drivers.

Astwood says this collaboration was wonderful, as it allowed for diverse perspectives to enter the mix.

“They have a different way of dealing with the problem,” she told WisBusiness.com. “Culturally, they’re pretty ingenuitive with solving the problem; they won’t beat around the bush. They have really pushed me when I’m designing some concepts — and I do the same.”

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