Touting bipartisanship, Speaker Robin Vos said he’s looking to build on gains from the last session as he laid out his priorities for the new session today.

Assembly Miority Leader Peter Barca, echoing Vos’s calls for setting aside partisan politics, said the Dem agenda for this session closely mirrors the Republican one.

While Barca said he sees “huge challenges” across the state today, he added if both sides of the aisle come together, it’ll be a “very productive” session.

Vos and Barca addressed legislators today after representatives who won election in November took the oath of office, including 11 new members.
Vos also stressed small government, promising that “government will not grow on our watch.”

The Rochester Republican’s agenda includes solving the transportation funding deficit, updating the school funding formula and reforming the state tax code, among other things.

See the list of representatives, offices and phone numbers: numbers:

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