The Assembly is not expected to hit the floor to take up legislation until February, and the top two chamber Republicans said today they have no set agenda when they do convene.

Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, said they have a list of topics they want to tackle this session. But they want their members to determine the top priorities for the chamber after listening to the public.
“These are big, serious, tough problems that we want to make sure we put the time and effort to not only listen to our members, but listen to the public,” Vos said during an availability with reporters.
Vos added leadership will not “rush into any package of bills” and want the committee process to work better than in the past. To that end, Republicans plan to have committee chair training later this month.
They also plan a renewed effort to go through administrative rules and outdated laws that can be repealed. That likely will be part of the February floor period.
Vos said he is open to an expected bill that would allow carrying concealed weapons in buildings on college campuses and a proposal to split up the DNR. But he wants members to build support among members of the public before the chamber takes them up. He also hopes to tackle a rewrite of the school aid formula. To address that, he wants to appoint a special committee that would include members of the public.
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