Gov. Scott Walker is putting off announcing a plan to “dramatically help rural schools in the state of Wisconsin” after coming down with a cold.

But he had planned to touch on broadband expansion and initiatives to improve the teacher pipeline, according to an overview document that obtained from a source who had knowledge of what Walker planned to say.

The guv during his State of the State address this month said he would propose a $35.5 million increase in expanding the broadband access grant program. The money would also be used to upgrade technology and train teachers in small and rural districts.

The other topics listed for discussion today were:

*Sparsity aid;
*Transportation aid;
*And administrative efficiency.

According to the document, the budget also will include a provision that would allow school districts to apply for TEACH grant funding for mobile hot spots for buses.

A Walker spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the document.

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