Gov. Scott Walker, who pledged his fundraising report for the first half of 2017 would send a message about his re-election intentions, raised $3.5 million over the past six months and finished June with $2.4 million in the bank, according to a memo his campaign provided

The campaign dropped the fundraising numbers as news broke Andy Gronik became the first major Dem candidate to get in the guv race. The Milwaukee businessman declared on his campaign website he’s not “intimidated” by Walker’s fundraising.

Gronik declared on his new website that it’s “time for a different kind of leadership in Madison.”

Gronik also used the website to take a shot at Walker, saying the days of the incumbent blaming “the people of Wisconsin for the fact that his policies can’t grow our state are coming to an end.” He also wrote Walker will undoubtedly have unlimited resources, “but I am not intimidated.”

Walker’s fundraising total matches what the guv pulled in during the first six months of 2013 ahead of his 2014 campaign. His warchest, meanwhile, surpasses the nearly $2.1 million he had at the end of June that year.

The memo, written by campaign manager Joe Fadness, also noted Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch had more than $1.2 million cash on hand, which he wrote was a record for a lt. guv. The state GOP also finished June with more than $1.7 million in its state account.

“Fundraising, narrative, and organization are all in your favor and systems are go,” Fadness wrote. “In short, as you’ve said yourself, you’re ready to keep moving Wisconsin forward.”

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