702 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706
Gas fits long-term emission reductions efforts, but where and how will the gas be used?
September 28, 2017
8:30 am – 2:30 pm
If done properly, gas can be a trusted bridge to help us move to a more integrated and cleaner energy platform. Or it could become a gangplank to continuing a carbon-based energy portfolio. In this session, will will look at what the future holds for gas markets.  We will then discuss how gas can become the backbone to a competitive, sustainable, clean energy future.
Featured Topics and Speakers:
  • Update on Gas Markets – Valerie Wood, President and CEO, Energy Solutions
  • Geologic Supply and the Environmental Profile of Gas – Alan Carroll, Department of Geoscience, UW-Madison
  • The State of the Natural Gas Market – Kyle Isakower, Vice President for Regulatory and Economic Policy, American Petroleum Institute
  • Wisconsin’s Gas Network: Is it time to change our gaspipeline? – Jeff Hicken, Manager Gas Trading and Dispatch, Alliant Energy
  • Dispatching Gas with an Optimization Approach – Victor Zavala, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, UW-Madison
  • Technology Update – Daniel LeFevers, Senior Program Manager, Gas Technology Institute
  • MISO Perspective on Gas Needs – Michael Nygaard, Policy Studies Engineer, MISO
Site and Registration
All events take place at the Pyle Center and include lunch, breaks and materials.
Registration: See links in each session block above or contact slangmack@wisc.edu to order the series.  
Members:  $75 for each session or buy the package for $250 for all four
Non-members:  $125 for each session or buy the package for  $400
Who Should Attend:
Open to anyone interested in Wisconsin’s sustainable, clean and competitive energy future.
Parking in Lake Street Ramp
Save the date:
October 9 – 13 2017
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