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Alan Talaga: Abolish ICE

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan is right. The immigration agency is irrevocably broken.

Bill Berrien: A defense bill is no place for endangered species act rollbacks

Amidst the deliberations about the National Defense Authorization Act are a series of proposals to undermine two of our nation’s bedrock environmental laws.

Bill Kaplan: Democrats need Wisconsin Trump voters

Trump and Walker are on the same page, and regular folks who voted for them are getting shafted.

Bill Kaplan: Is Walker a Russian dupe?

The accused Russian spy story is above the fold on front pages of newspapers, broadcast by TV-radio and all over the web. Walker is in the spotlight.

Bill Kaplan: Russia scandal bombshell hits Trump

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced charges against 12 Russian agents in the 2016 election interference probe.

Bill Kaplan: Trump and Walker are grifters

No, Trump and Walker are not making our nation great again.

Bill Osmulski: Local roads clearly not a local priority

Local governments could address their road repair needs, but they don't make that a funding priority. By neglecting road repairs, they seem to believe they can manufacture a crisis as a way to get more state funding.

Bruce Murphy Foxconn deal allows low-ball wages

Documents show state will allow 93 percent of workers to earn less than $15 hour.

Bruce Murphy: Brad Schimel soft on crime?

New data shows AG not just slow to go after rapists, but drugs and firearms cases.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn plays politics for Walker?

Company’s satellite centers in Eau Claire and Green Bay could help reelect their benefactor.

Bruce Murphy: High court sticks it to Milwaukee

Roggensack’s patently political decision gives police and fire unions more power over city pension fund.

Bruce Murphy: Is Foxconn double crossing Walker? 

Latest admission by company gives the game away. 

Bruce Murphy: The anti-union governor

Scott Walker may be the nation’s leading union killer. What’s the impact on Wisconsin?

Bruce Murphy: Who now has power over Milwaukee police chief?

Common Council may regret stripping mayor’s power over Fire-Police director.

Bruce Murphy: Who will win Democratic primary for governor?

Just three candidates have a chance of winning.

Bruce Thompson: How Trump threatens state’s exports

As parties flip-flop on free trade, can Wisconsin’s export economy be protected?

Bruce Thompson: McAdams decision is a travesty

Cyber-bullying was championed by state Supreme Court, while trashing faculty governance.

Bruce Thompson: The rise of Federalist Society judges

Nationally and in Wisconsin they have become activists and super legislators.

Bruce Thompson: Why Roys is wrong on school choice

And what this may say about the Democratic Party.

Casey Hoff: Josh Hader tweets: Brewers pitcher made mistakes as teen, but deserves forgiveness

As awful as those tweets were, it is far more constructive to allow a person to redeem himself and ultimately be forgiven than it is to condemn him for eternity for offensive words he used as a teenager.

Charlie Sykes: 8 Takeaways from the Kavanaugh Pick

Naming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is the least Trumpiest thing Trump has done so far.

Charlie Sykes: Russia and the Bryce Harper Truthers

Sykes on the Daily Standard Podcast talks with Jonathan V. Last and Michael Warren about the Cohen tapes of Trum, the Russia summit and more.

Charlie Sykes: SCOTUS watch enters week two

On the Daily Standard Podcast, host Charlie Sykes leads a discussion on the Supreme Court vacancy.

Charlie Sykes: Trade wars are not easy to win

On the Daily Standard Podcast, Michael Warren and Charlie Sykes discuss Trump's plan to aid farmers hurt by tariffs.

Charlie Sykes: Wisconsin spring

Sykes reviews Dan Kaufman's new book, "The Fall of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics."

Chris Rochester: Elections data reveals what Wisconsin voters should be concerned about, and it’s...

If you’re truly worried about voter disenfranchisement and turnout, you should be more concerned about putting up a likable and inspirational candidate than voter ID.

Chris Walker: Ron Johnson’s high court hypocrisy

His stand on Trump appointing justice to Supreme Court reverses his view on Obama’s pick.

Christian Schneider: Above all else, fans of both political parties value power over...

Politicians have often been mocked for being willing to say anything to realize their own ambitions. We are now realizing that voters themselves, regardless of party, are no different.

Christian Schneider: Abortion belongs with voters, not the Supreme Court

A fifth conservative on the Supreme Court wouldn’t necessarily render Roe a dead decision walking. But even if Roe were overturned, abortion wouldn’t suddenly be banned — the issue would simply revert back to states or fall to Congress, where the democratic process would once again take hold.

Christian Schneider: Baldwin’s embrace of Trump will further harm Wisconsin businesses

Baldwin’s only consistent philosophy on trade appears to be whatever helps her earn the votes of Trump voters in northern Wisconsin. Her flirtation with Trump’s damaging protectionism invokes the same jingoistic, primitive impulses Democrats now accuse Republicans of fomenting.

Christian Schneider: Democrats running for governor imagine a Wisconsin that doesn’t exist

When candidates challenge an incumbent, they only have one option: To convince voters to change course. In doing so, they often have to fabricate a new reality from which they then vow to save a state’s citizens.

Christian Schneider: For treasurer, a ‘no’ vote is the best vote of all

Candidates are actively misleading the public about what the position can actually accomplish.

Christian Schneider: Randy Bryce’s arrest record is hardly emblematic of the ‘everyday American’ he...

Even if one excuses the two times Bryce was arrested for political show, his total tally still features far more arrests than your typical Johnny Lunchbucket.

Christian Schneider: Searching for the next Steve Martin

As the comedian pivoted from political comedy to become a legend, so too will another generation of funny-men and -women—and soon.

Christian Schneider: Straw bans are just another bogus eco-fad

These types of meaningless bans aren’t about actually saving wildlife; they are simply the latest weapon in an arms race of smug self-regard.

CJ Szafir: Six things to know about the Kavanaugh nomination

Kavanaugh's background is extensive and serves as perhaps the poster child for someone to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

Collin Roth: Marijuana legislation is federalism in action

If enacted, the STATES Act could provide a valuable framework for policy-making in a fractured and diverse country.

Dan O’Donnell: Crazy like a Foxconn opponent

It didn’t take a single word, just a show of hands to reveal just how unserious Wisconsin’s Democratic Party has become.

Dave Cieslewicz: Declare your independence

Two years ago I needed to check out from Donald Trump. I took a break from social media, and have never gone back. You might want to consider doing the same.

Dave Cieslewicz: Flynn should stay in the race

I don’t like the feel of these demands for Flynn to drop out. They carry the whiff of a behind-the-scenes fix by professional pols who have misplayed before.

Dave Cieslewicz: Keep focus on Trump, not ICE

In politics it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize and the prize right now is winning a bunch of elections in November. As a practical matter, ICE won’t be abolished and talking about it does not help the bigger cause.

Dave Zweifel: A $4 billion donation to Scott Walker’s campaign — from you

Pardon me for wondering if Wisconsin taxpayers haven't given Scott Walker a $4 billion campaign donation.

Dave Zweifel: Brad Schimel will miss Scott Pruitt, but he will carry on

Scott Pruitt is gone from the EPA but the destruction he wreaked lives on in the able hands of Brad Schimel.

Dave Zweifel: Change-makers know civility isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

As one who lived through the civil rights marches and rallies of the early 1960s and the Vietnam War protests later that decade and into the '70s, I need to applaud New York University history professor Thomas Sugrue for setting the record straight.

Dave Zweifel: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un cut from the same cloth

If he's done nothing else since becoming president, Trump has made it clear he likes dictators.

Dave Zweifel: Donald Trump’s out to destroy the free press

As Donald Trump was once again bashing the news media, this time at a VFW convention in Kansas City, Missouri, goading the veterans into booing and belittling the reporters covering the gathering, I started to wonder if at long last we've completely lost all sense of reality.

Dave Zweifel: Freeloading is now a First Amendment right

A lot of high-fives were being exchanged among Republican campaign donors a couple of weeks ago when the U.S. Supreme Court decided that public employees couldn't be required to pay their fair share of union costs to win them pay raises, fringe benefits and job safety.

Dave Zweifel: Loudmouth xenophobes should get their facts straight

Violence and bullying are often committed by those who are ignorant of what they're angry about.

Dave Zweifel: Make your voice heard on Trump’s abortion ‘gag rule’

Title X funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood is now in jeopardy because of Donald Trump's insistence on instituting a so-called "domestic gag rule" that would deny funding to any clinic that includes the word "abortion" in counseling pregnant women about their options or that actually performs abortions.

Dave Zweifel: No time to waste in addressing climate change

Dane County Exec. Joe Parisi is right. The state and federal governments have got to stop using climate change as some kind of political punching bag, admit it's for real and start addressing ways to combat it.

David Blaska: Help! Conservatives are using the First Amendment to promote their biases!

Blaska shares his take on a New Yok Times article headlined, "How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment."

Dominique Paul Noth: Is trade more complex than union leaders have said it is?

Harley Davidson bosses say that Trump tariffs are forcing them to make their iconic American product overseas. Union workers are not so sure.

Dominique Paul Noth: Ministering to voters in Milwaukee sheriff’s race

Sermons by acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt, who also serves as a pastor, are something voters should take time to know about.

Dominique Paul Noth: Weeding down governor candidates – my final two

Tony Evers is on my top list along with one of the youngest candidates in the race, Kelda Roys.

Dominique Paul Noth: What Putin’s got on Trump may be so obvious no one...

Does Putin have hard evidence of Russian election meddling or collusion he could reveal?

Eloise Anderson: Parents’ Day: Helping parents work, so children can succeed

Raising child care subsidy rates helps parents working to improve their family’s lives.

Emily Mills: After Trump’s Helsinki performance, troubling questions about Russian influence grow

Trump would rather cling to the notion that he won the election fair and square than engage with the possibility that a foreign power meddled in the process or outcome.

Emily Mills: Walker makes Wisconsin’s prisons worse

In Wisconsin, we spend more taxpayer money to lock people up than we do to educate them at universities. That should be a problem worth addressing for any politician.

Fred Risser and Lisa Subeck: With uncertain future for Roe v. Wade, Wisconsin women’s...

We will continue to fight attacks on women’s access to healthcare, and we will once again introduce legislation to repeal the State’s criminal abortion statute when our next legislative session begins.

Gary Cohen: We can still read about a trade war in a newspaper –...

Trump's 30 percent tariff on Canadian paper has boosted newsprint costs.

George Mitchell: Only local road spending the road to more local debt

More debt. Higher property taxes. What’s not to like?

George Mitchell: Ron Johnson to the rescue

Wisconsin’s senior senator has stepped in to organize a post-primary unity fundraiser featuring Diane Hendricks and Dick Uihlein.

George Mitchell: The enduring siren song of ‘criminal justice reform’

Contrary to the “criminal justice reform” narrative about “mass incarceration,” it’s actually hard to get a stiff prison sentence.

George Mitchell: Without WILL, John McAdams could not have prevailed

The welcome John McAdams victory is not a David v. Goliath story. It is instead a reminder of the pivotal role of public interest law firms in fighting for key principles — in this case the rights of an individual who otherwise would have been smothered by the full legal and political clout of Marquette University.

Gregory Humphrey: Brett Kavanaugh and Abigail Adams

The future of the Roe decision along with the Affordable Care Act will be the defining issues in this confirmation fight. It will be long, harsh, and at times maddening.

Gregory Humphrey: Remembering Wisconsin’s Mike Ellis

May we always have elected officials like Ellis–in both parties–who speak clearly and care deeply about this state.

Have a question for candidates in the Dem guv debate at UW-Milwaukee on Thursday night?

Members of the public can submit questions for the candidates by texting "debate" and their questions to 414-269-6404.  WisPolitics.com is one of the organizers of the debate. You can watch or listen to the debate by coming to WisPolitics.com on Thursday night.

James Rowen: Walker’s across-the-board land, air, wildlife and water contamination

To polluted water, clear-cut land, dirty air, add diseased wildlife to Gov. Scott Walker's environmentally-ruinous tenure.

James Rowen: Where you can’t drink the WI water. Or step in it.

Wisconsin's clean waters are increasingly blue-green, brown and unhealthy.

James Wigderson: A claim even Randy Bryce’s supporters didn’t buy

At a Saturday rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Randy Bryce told a whopper that even many of his supporters couldn’t cheer. Bryce told the audience that he has never paid a bill from money made as a politician.

James Wigderson: RightWisconsin Conversations: Barb Dittrich on Obamacare, mental health, and being pro-life

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson talks with Barb Dittrich, a Republican running in the 38th Assembly District.

James Wigderson: RightWisconsin Conversations: Bryan Steil on immigration, higher education and taxes

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson sits down with Bryan Steil, a Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District.

James Wigderson: Steve Toft on his military career and running against Ron Kind

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson interviews 3rd CD GOP candidate Steve Toft.

James Wigderson: The “everything has an excuse” campaign of Randy Bryce

Bryce has been arrested nine times. It takes a special kind of failure to accumulate that kind of record. If you know anybody who comes close to that record, you probably don’t think, “He should run for public office.”

James Wigderson: There will be no barn parties in Wisconsin

The Legislative Council Study Committee on Alcohol Beverages Enforcement met in Madison on Wednesday to discuss how to deprive you of drinking beer or wine outside of a Wisconsin Tavern League approved facility.

James Wigderson: Tony Evers discovers the powers of his office

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. When politicians suddenly discover political positions...

Jay Risch: Wisconsin economy headed in the right direction

When you add all of the above to our rising wages, lowest-ever unemployment rate, budget surpluses, tax cuts, record K-12 education funding, more investment in broadband, and the best-funded pension system in America, it is crystal clear that Wisconsin's economy is absolutely going in the right direction.

Jay Weber: Walker responds to the stories of the accused Russian spy

Gov. Scott Walker responds to stories linking him to an accused Russian in an interview with talk show host Jay Weber.

Jim Sensenbrenner: Perfect score

In 2018, the House of Representatives voted 379 times, and I’m proud to report that I cast a vote each and every time.

John Graber: Kevin Nicholson’s useless “outsider” rhetoric

When Nicholson criticizes Wisconsin Republicans as merely being part of a political class, he denigrates the progress that has made been made over the last eight years.

John Gurda: Milwaukee abused its most precious resource before reclaiming it

The Wisconsin Historical Society has launched “Milwaukee: A City Built on Water,” a 225-page chronicle of the multiple ways in which our community has used — and abused — its liquid resource over the generations.

John McAdams: No plastic straws at Marquette: More dumb virtue signaling

This is yet another example of virtue signaling that just inconveniences people and does nothing significant for the environment.

John Nichols: Kavanaugh once argued that a sitting president is above the law

Kavanaugh has been an open advocate for precisely the sort of imperial presidency that the founders of the American experiment feared—and that Donald Trump relishes.

John Nichols: Not all Republicans abandon ‘party of Lincoln’s’ faith in voting rights

GOP U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner continues to advocate for the revitalization of the Voting Rights Act — along with Congressional Black Caucus members such as Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

John Nichols: Randy Bryce takes responsibility for his past mistakes

On Friday afternoon, Bryce found himself answering questions about a CNN report headlined: "Democrat running to replace Paul Ryan in Wisconsin has history of arrests, including driving under the influence."

John Nichols: Roys responds with old-school WI boldness to a looming threat to the...

Roys says, “As governor, I will seek immediate repeal of the Criminal Abortion Ban, and I will pardon any provider charged under the ban.”

John Nichols: Scott Walker got conned by Foxconn, and now taxpayers are getting screwed

The Foxconn deal has always felt like a scheme to help secure the re-election of a governor who has repeatedly stumbled when it comes to job creation — not a serious proposal for the state’s future.

John Nichols: Trump puppets Vukmir and Nicholson would not stand up for Wisconsin

Vukmir and Nicholson are so tuned into Trump that they are not thinking. They are merely cheerleading for an off-the-rails president whose policies are harming rather than helping Wisconsin.

John Nichols: What if Democrats got serious about standing up for workers?

Insurgent candidates are talking about issues that matter to working Americans.

John Torinus: Amidst the chaos, health care reforms keep coming

There is hope for change. But don’t look to the national or state capitols for leadership or good ideas. Meanwhile, just suck up hyper-inflation and hope innovators in the private sector can disrupt the medical industrial complex.

John Torinus: Both parties ducking major issues

But what will Trump's impact be on state's November election?

John Torinus: Half billion in early state investing in last two years!

The summiteers of almost two decades ago who sounded the clarion call for a major strategy to establish Wisconsin as a player in the startup world must be pleased with remarkable progress reported in 2018 Portfolio analysis put out by the Wisconsin Technology Council.

Jon Peacock: Online sales tax will benefit wealthy

Walker will use money for income tax cut, delivering much of benefit to wealthiest.

Josh Pade: I will protect hardworking Wisconsin families

I’m not a politician or typical candidate. I am a deeply concerned Wisconsinite who believes that new perspective, energy, and leadership will move our state all forward.

Kathleen Vinehout: Hemp growing pains

The new law legalizing hemp keeps confidential all contact information for hemp growers and processors in the state. This makes it difficult for farmers to find buyers for their crops in Wisconsin.

Kevin Nicholson: I’m running for Senate as a Republican. My Democrat parents are so...

While my choice was made clear to me through the experience of my marriage, the birth of my three children, my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior, my time fighting in two wars, and my experience in business since leaving the Marine Corps, it came at personal cost.

M.D. Kittle: Left’s war on Gov. Walker in Wisconsin was a dry run for...

The left’s #Resistance movement today against all things Trump is what big labor brought the Badger State seven years ago when “progressives” stomped all over civility in a campaign to topple Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Mark Pocan: Dem gubernatorial candidates must focus on Walker, not each other

To be successful, Democrats must focus on Gov. Walker’s failures and show Wisconsin voters their vision for the state, rather than attacking each other.

Matt Moroney: Foxconn: It’s historic, it’s happening & it’s exciting

This historic investment in the future of Wisconsin is one that the whole state can be proud of. Foxconn chose to invest in Wisconsin, and the positive impact will reach every corner of our great state for generations to come.

Matthew Rothschild: Betsy DeVos visits Wisconsin schools after siphoning money from them

DeVos is the founder of the American Federation for Children, the leading private school voucher group in the country.

Michael Cummins: Thank you sirs, may we have another?

Ron Johnson’s Moscow trip confirms pro-Russian Trumpism is the future.

Michael Leon: Senate Dems need to stop Brett Kavanaugh vote by any means

Kavanaugh will vote to further degrade civil liberties and target women, minorities, immigrants, gays and elevate corporate power, executive branch power and any level of law enforcement over everyone in the name of god-almighty.

Michael Slattery: Tariffs the wrong approach to resolving trade imbalances

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Trade tariffs in the long run...

Mike McCabe: I’m serious about ending legal bribery in politics

If government is going to work for all of us, we desperately need to end legal bribery.

Mitch Henck: Walker’s attempt to pit teachers vs. taxpayers doesn’t work in Madison

In "Two Minutes with Mitch," radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on data showing higher health care costs for teachers after Wisconsin's Act 10 changes.

Nathan Imfeld and others: In defense of the Federalist Society

Our members hold different views and hold debates on many subjects.

Noah Williams: During the recovery, differences in living standards have narrowed

Rather than falling behind, over the last decade the initially poorer, rural counties in the state have seen greater improvements in living standards than richer, urban ones.

Patty Schachtner: Happy birthday, Medicare and Medicaid!

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Medicare and Medicaid celebrated their 53rd...

Paul Fanlund: Cap Times Idea Fest is back and even better this year

Cap Times Idea Fest 2018 will be presented Sept. 28-29, Friday night and all-day Saturday, in great venues in the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Tickets go on sale today.

Paul Fanlund: Five years in, Rebecca Blank sees UW ‘at a good place’

Blank has weathered much in these five years — battles over cuts in state funding, raids on UW faculty from other schools, controversy over tenure policy, as well as slippage in UW’s national research ranking.

Paul Fanlund: Shame on the Main Street Republicans who know better

In a recent talk on the current state of the press, I cited a poll by the website Axios in which 92 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said they believe traditional news outlets knowingly report false or misleading stories.

Paul Fanlund: What’s the matter with Iowa?

Former Iowa Gov. Bob Ray, who recently passed away at age 89, embraced a fiscally responsible but progressive agenda that included support for looser abortion laws, the Equal Rights Amendment and opposition to the death penalty. Today, U.S. Rep Steve King better reflects the Iowa GOP. He represents a massive district across northwestern Iowa, and is as unlike Ray as it is possible to be.

Paul Fanlund: Yes, the left needs to get younger, but not more extreme

I wholeheartedly agree and applaud what appears to be a flood of passionate younger candidates, especially women and people of color. And best wishes to candidates whose districts will support ardently progressive positions, which includes Wisconsin's 2nd CD. What I reject is the suggestion that this generational shift should also bring ever more extreme policy prescriptions in races throughout the nation.

Paul Soglin: I have proven accomplishments and can beat Walker

To defeat Scott Walker and make Wisconsin strong, we need a tough candidate, with proven accomplishments, and the political base and ability to carry the state.

Ray Allen: ‘Commute to Careers’ program connects talent with opportunity

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. When you commute to work, do...

Ray Allen: Pre-employment drug testing program helps workers move from dependence to independence

DWD's Pre-Employment Drug Testing Program is an easy way for employers to help grow Wisconsin's pool of work-ready job seekers. It focuses treatment resources on Unemployment Insurance claimants who have the skills and motivation to work, but fail a drug test as part of an employment offer.

Rebecca Blank: Reflections on five years

Part of what we’ve all done is to deal — and deal successfully — with problems that have come at us. The university has faced several big challenges in the past five years that seriously threatened its quality and reputation.

Rebecca Blank: Welcoming new colleagues to UW-Madison

This month marks a significant expansion for our campus as Cooperative Extension, Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television, UW-Extension Conference Centers and Mailing Services, and the Department of Labor Education all become part of UW-Madison. These units together will bring 958 new employees into UW-Madison, and will add $103 million to UW-Madison’s budget.

Spencer Black: Degrading our waterways part of Scott Walker’s legacy

More than 800 waterways have been added to the list of lakes and streams that exceed phosphorus and other pollutant limits since Scott Walker became governor.

Spencer Black: Don’t be so quick to celebrate Scott Pruitt’s departure

His replacement, a coal lobbyist named Andrew Wheeler, is likely to be even worse.

Steve Jagler: Should you force your employees to give up their right to sue...

The U.S. Supreme Court in May affirmed employers’ rights to restrict workers from filing class-action lawsuits against them, which could open the doors for more large companies to adopt such policies.

Steven Walters: State Democrats split on abolishing ICE

Pocan’s proposal not backed by Baldwin, most Democratic candidates for Congress.

Todd Berry: Give the state treasurer a job

An empowered treasurer could be an independent voice for fiscal sanity

Tom Barrett: Bring Amazon to Milwaukee’s central city

With recent new stories reporting Amazon is planning a new distribution center in southeastern Wisconsin, Amazon can and should seize the moment and provide transformational leadership in another way: it can lead corporate America by bringing stable employment to Milwaukee’s central city and other high unemployment urban areas.

Tom Quinn: Why our current farm crisis looks so familiar

Our current crisis is again driven by failed policies that create unmanaged surpluses and depressed prices.

Tom Still: Competency based education can help close Wisconsin’s workforce gap

If competency-based education helps to remove some of the barriers that prevent people from getting the skills they need to advance their careers, perhaps more students can reach the workforce faster and better prepared to contribute to employers, their communities and beyond.

Tom Still: Court decision on collecting online taxes could hurt entrepreneurs

For many state and local governments, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc. may seem like a revenue windfall. It’s not a windfall, however, if the net effect of the law is to harm commerce by making it a lot harder for small businesses to conduct business through the internet.

Tom Still: What President Trump is missing in his odd feud with Harley-Davidson

America’s economy is growing in many ways, but the Trump-Harley dispute shows how the economy could suffer if companies are forced by government to make choices they would rather not make.

Van A. Mobley: Stay bullish on the farm economy

The iron law of supply and demand still rules – and for the time being that law works in favor of Wisconsin’s soybean farmers – if they know how to play their cards.

Will Flanders: Audit bureau survey of parents shows support for special needs school choice...

It is incumbent on policymakers to protect programs like the SNSP, as well as school choice more broadly, so that all Wisconsin children have access to an educational environment where they can excel.

Will Flanders: The Washington Post’s whoppers about Walker’s education policies

On Tuesday, Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post released an “analysis” that purports to show the harm that Governor Scott Walker has caused to public schools throughout his tenure as governor. The claims made by Straus vary in their legitimacy, but some are so far afield from what serious research has found that they need to be soundly refuted

WisOpinion Poll: Do you agree with Harley-Davidson’s plan to offshore production to avoid retaliatory...

Harley-Davidson announced plans to shift some production overseas in response to retaliatory tariffs from the European Union after the Trump administration imposed tariffs on foreign products such as aluminum and steel.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ analyze the Dem guv and GOP Senate primaries

With the Aug. 14 primaries fast approaching, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, analyze the Dem gubernatorial race and the GOP Senate race. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Foxconn and the Great Lakes Compact

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, discuss the possibility that the Great Lakes Compact may upend Foxconn's plans. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the impact of trade wars on Wis. politics

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, assess the impact of trade wars on Wisconsin politics. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ handicap the 1st CD race

The Congressional District 1 primary is coming up, and the WisOpinion Insiders Chvala and Jensen handicap the candidates hoping to replace U.S. Rep. Paul...

WisOpinion.com: Who won the July 12th televised Democratic gubernatorial debate?

The eight Dem guv candidates hit on Foxconn, reducing the state's prison population and other issues as they met for their first televised debate...
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