A number of marijuana advisory referendums appearing on this year’s midterm ballot were proposed by city and county officials at the request of their constituents.

Gary Storck, a publisher and cannabis activist in Wisconsin, chalks up this year’s unprecedented number of marijuana referendums to “the amazing work of grassroots people all over the state.”

He points out that 52 percent of the state’s population lives in an area with some sort of cannabis question going before voters Nov. 6.

“I think that’s something the governor — whoever that might be — really has to take into account,” Storck said. “You can’t just blow it off.”

In Milwaukee County, Storck credits County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez as “one of the lead people” in the effort. He notes Milwaukee County was the first county to add a cannabis referendum this year.

In Dane County, Storck reached out to his own supervisor, Yogesh Chawla, to get the ball rolling.

Earlier in the summer, Storck was contacted through Facebook by a resident of Langlade County, who had noticed Marathon County would have a marijuana question and wanted to pursue one, too.

From there, Storck reached out to county-level decision makers and also had a group of military veterans come to a board meeting to show support. Now, Langlade County is one of 10 with a medical cannabis referendum.

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