AG Brad Schimel on Saturday knocked his Dem rival Josh Kaul, calling him an activist who would seek to undo a series of GOP successes over the past eight years.

Schimel also slammed Kaul for the work of his firm, Perkins Coie, which has offices across the country. He said the firm was responsible for the “infamous” Steele dossier that was “meant to disrupt and destroy” the Trump presidency. He said the firm also sough to get convicted drug traffickers released early from prison and has been a clearinghouse for liberal special interests.

Schimel said Kaul also served as Hillary Clinton’s lawyer in the recount of Wisconsin’s 2016 presidential results and he “espouses” the beliefs of his law firm.

“I espouse the beliefs of our Wisconsin law enforcement team,” Schimel said.

Kaul spokeswoman Gillian Drummond fired back Schimel has failed to eliminate the backlog of rape kits waiting to be tested, while the state’s opioid epidemic continues to worsen and fines from polluters have dropped under his watch. She also touted Kaul’s background as a former federal prosecutor.

“As AG, he’ll restore leadership to the Wisconsin Department of Justice and fight every day to protect Wisconsinites.”

Schimel also touted his work to combat the state’s opioid problem and pushed the federal government for help.

“Our federal government must secure our borders if we’re going to stem the tide of heroin and methamphetamine,” he said.

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