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Laurie Fischer
Presentation on New Risk Protection Program for Dairy Producers at World Dairy Expo 2018
The American Dairy Coalition calls panel of experts to discuss Dairy Revenue Protection Program
9.20.2018:Β The American Dairy Coalition will hold an informative panel discussion, entitled the Dairy Revenue Protection Program, detailing a new program designed to help farmers protect themselves from future low milk prices. This in-depth discussion will take place at ADC’s event at this year’s World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis.
ADC’s 2018 Dairy Outlook Forum
Thursday, October 4, 2018
Noon-1:30 p.m. CST
Expert Panelists include:
John Newton
Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation
Dr. Newton will provide an in-depth overview of this new revenue protection program designed for dairy producers. How can this program help farmers protect themselves during times of low milk prices? Find out with Dr. Newton’s overview of the Dairy Revenue Protection Program.
Kurt Petik
Senior Relationship Manager,
Rabo AgriFinance
Kurt will enlighten attendees on how this new program will assist farmers from a banking perspective. Dairy RP can provide a new way for producers to manage risk and protect cash flow and profitability during challenging times.
Laurie Fischer
ADC Founder and CEO
AG & Legal Workforce Act Update: With inflation and worker insufficiency, the dairy industry cannot wait any longer for a new H-2C visa program. This new legislation will create an avenue to allow workers already inside the U.S., as well as new workers coming from their home countries, to use a viable guest-worker program on dairy operations. Discussion will provide an opportunity for attendees to get up to speed on how this new program works and if it will soon become law.
Kim Bremmer
Owner of Ag Inspirations and ADC Executive Advisory Committee Member
Upholding the Integrity of “Milk”:Β Plant-based beverage manufactures continue to tap into the reputation of consistency and nutritional value that the dairy industry has built the world “milk” to represent. Will these manufactures continue to be allowed to confuse consumers? What can you do to stop the misrepresentation? Find out during Kim’s informative segment.
About The American Dairy Coalition:
The American Dairy Coalition (ADC) is a farmer-led national lobbying organization of progressive, modern dairy farmers. We focus on federal dairy policy. For more information, contact CEO Laurie Fischer at 920-965-6070.
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