A $100 million school safety proposal is heading to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk after the Assembly signed off on the plan 78-8.

Representatives passed the Senate’s version of the plan, which the chamber had approved Tuesday and is attached to AB 843, on open enrollment, as an amendment.

Eight Dems voted against the measure. They were: Reps. Jonathan Brostoff, David Crowley, Melissa Sargent, Christine Sinicki, Chris Taylor, Leon Young and JoCasta Zamarripa.

The version of the plan that passed today differs from the six special session bills Assembly Republicans had originally been considering in a public hearing earlier this week. Still, it leaves in place the major points of the legislation, including the creation of an Office of School Safety and the availability of $100 million in one-time money for school safety-related grants.

Members signed off on the legislation with almost no debate, while also dismissing a slate of Dem amendments including one that wouldn’t require schools to submit safety plans to the state every year unless there were changes between last year’s plan and the current plan.

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