A bill with a provision to expand state-level background checks to rifles and shotguns cleared the Assembly on a voice vote, heading to the Senate where it faces an uncertain future.

The background check language, attached as a substitute amendment to AB 1031 on school bullying, would bolster the state’s background check system as the federal government works to tighten up the National Instant Criminal Background System.

The Senate when it was on the floor Tuesday didn’t pass the bill, which would require parents of those involved in a bullying incident to be notified within 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Dems today blasted the plan as weak, noting the changes do not extend background checks to private sales, including firearms sold online by unlicensed dealers.

Madison Rep. Chris Taylor called fellow GOP members “negligent” for failing to pass universal background checks, reinstate a 48-hour waiting period and ban bump stocks, among other things.

“You don’t have the courage, Mr. Speaker, you don’t have the fortitude to do what you need to do today,” she said.

But Republicans countered the legislation would help safeguard kids at school and would be used for necessary school safety improvements schools and districts had been hoping to do.

The chamber today also signed off on an additional amendment to the bill that would create a  24-hour per day school safety hotline to get tips on any plans to harm schools, students and school employees across the state.

All amendments passed on voice votes.

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