I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your support these past months. It has been a privilege to hear your stories and get to know everyone across Wisconsin. I don’t have any regrets from my campaign and am truly thankful for every single contribution, endorsement, nomination signature and vote that I received.

Despite coming up short, I still believe retaking the Wisconsin Supreme Court is critical to getting our state back on track. I still believe our court is not looking out for working families or people of color. I also still believe that the political values of judges matter, I believe it impacts our worldview and how a judge will begin to look at a case.

Political values are why I’m deeply troubled by Judge Screnock’s background. As an attorney he worked closely with the Governor’s team in creating the gerrymandered legislative maps and defended Act 10 in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court — two issues that were a basic attack on our democracy, public education and middle class economy.

But his troubling background began much earlier — when he was arrested as a young man for protesting outside an abortion clinic, a decision as an adult, he says he does not regret.

That is why today, I’ll be making a contribution to Judge Rebecca Dallet.

As she moves towards April, she will be facing vicious attacks and huge sums of money from the NRA, WMC and other friends of the Koch Brothers who want to tilt the rules in the favor of big business and special interests.

Please join me.


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