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Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet called her victory a message from voters that the special interests can’t buy a seat on the state Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker cited Dallet’s win to warn backers Wisconsin is at risk for a blue wave this fall.

Also, voters overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to eliminate the state treasurer’s office, and GOP state Rep. Treig Pronschinske lost his re-election bid as Mondovi mayor.

Dallet often railed against rival Michael Screnock, a Sauk County judge, for the more than $408,000 the state GOP spent on his behalf in the campaign, a statewide ad buy from the Wisconsin’s largest business group and his support from the National Rifle Association.

“The message is certainly about the state not being for sale, that the voters are the ones who are going to decide who wins these races, not the big-money interests,” she said in an interview with

Dallet becomes the first candidate backed by liberals to win an open Supreme Court seat since 1995, when current Justice Ann Walsh Bradley first won. Dallet, elected to a 10-year term, will replace Justice Michael Gableman in August, cutting the conservatives’ majority to 4-3vfrom the current 5-2 split. She also becomes the sixth woman on the court, leaving Justice Daniel Kelly as the only man.

Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock thanked supporters for their support and prayers through the campaign in his concession speech Tuesday night.

He said “as grueling of a task as running a statewide campaign is, and as fierce as some of the attacks were” he and his wife weren’t frustrated or anxious until the last two weeks of the nine-month campaign.

“I am absolutely certain that was the prayer cover,” he told backers at Trappers Turn Golf Club in the Wisconsin Dells.

After Screnock delivered his concession speech, Walker fired off a series of tweets warning what Dallet’s win means for November — and making a fundraising pitch.

He wrote the “Far Left is driven by anger & hatred — we must counter it with optimism & organization. Let’s share our positive story with voters & win in November.” Walker also warned he’ll be targeted by big-government special interests who will “work to undo our bold reforms.”

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