Dem guv candidate Dana Wachs illustrated a stark comparison between Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin and the state under his leadership.

“I know that Wisconsin is better than Walker,” Wachs said. “The Wisconsin idea is making a comeback.”

The Eau Claire state rep acknowledged the employment rate in Walker’s Wisconsin may be low, but that many residents are forced to work more than one job to make ends meet.

With that in mind, he called for a $15 minimum wage, a restoration of collective bargaining rights, increased funding for public schools to stop what he described as an exodus of teachers to Minnesota.

He also called for protecting children from gun violence, touting that “we’re going to a hell of a lot more than offer up thoughts and prayers.”

He said on his watch, everyone will have access to affordable health care and safe drinking water, and that he’ll make funding available to fix Wisconsin’s bridges and roads and provide access to high speed internet.

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