Democratic gubernatorial candidates react to Walker’s State of the State address

Democratic gubernatorial candidates react to Walker’s State of the State address

Following Gov. Scott Walker’s January 24th State of the State address, Democratic candidates for governor issued statements critical of the governor’s speech. See below for reaction from the major candidates, listed in alphabetical order.

Tony Evers

“Scott Walker can’t hide from his record. His State of the State speech was nothing more than a transparent election-year attempt to rewrite history.”

Read the statement here.

Matt Flynn

“In election years, Scott Walker makes promises he never keeps. Election Year Walker pretends he has Wisconsin’s best interests at heart. We cannot trust Election Year Walker.”

Read the statement here.

Andy Gronik

“Gov. Scott Walker must think that Wisconsinites have short-term memories and don’t recall that he’s broken our system by governing only with re-election and his special interest donors in mind.”

Read his statements herehere, here and here.

Mahlon Mitchell

“It’s time for a change in Madison. After eight long years of Scott Walker—eight long years when he has worked to divide and conquer the people of Wisconsin, we are going to turn the page on his failed leadership.”

Read the statement here.

Kelda Roys

Today, Governor Scott Walker attempted to distract Wisconsinites from his disappointing record of cutting education, depriving people of healthcare, and letting our roads become the nation’s worst. While I applaud the governor for finally taking a few small actions that Democrats have been advocating for years, it’s too little, too late. Walker has had eight years to address the challenges facing Wisconsin families, and it’s time for a change. As governor I will put the needs of families first — not big corporations and wealthy political donors.

Paul Soglin

“Betrayal, broken promises, and duplicity do not begin to describe what will be Scott Walker’s last State of the State address. After setting fire to the school house he offers to erect a shanty. After planting land mines on the path to health care for all Wisconsinites he offers sandals to our most important citizens as they trek through the field of fire, glass fragments, and hot lava.”

Read the statement here.

Kathleen Vinehout

“It’s another example of the ideas that the Democrats have had that we’ve been trying to get amended and voted on that we’ve been trying to get passed and now he’s (Walker) seen the light and taken up the ideas.”

Vinehout to reporters on the $100 per child tax credit proposal. See an additional statement from her here.

Dana Wachs

“Wisconsin remembers the true Scott Walker. In truth he’s had seven years to make life better for regular folks in Wisconsin and hasn’t followed through.”

See an additional statement here.

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