Dem Party officials today touted the enthusiasm they said is on their side headed into the fall and knocked the GOP message as Republicans met for their annual state convention.

To back up their argument on enthusiasm, Dems pointed to Patty Schachtner’s January win in the 10th SD after the seat and liberal Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet’s victory last month in the state Supreme Court race. They also pointed to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision against seeking re-election this fall.

State Rep. David Bowen, the party’s first vice chair, said things couldn’t look bleaker for Republicans.

“Wisconsin Republicans are simply in disarray,” Bowen said. “One minute they’re scrambling to distance themselves from President Trump’s toxicity, the next they’re cozying up to him. Scott Walker is so panicked he can’t even remember what he stands for — he just knows he will say whatever he thinks will get him re-elected.”

Chair Martha Laning said Dems are energized like never before.

“We’re mobilizing to take back our state, to lead with our Wisconsin values and create a better future for Wisconsin,” she said.

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